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Meet Ann Arbor Chiropractor Dr. Joshua Durand

  • From an early age I learned the principle that would eventually become the driving motivator for my life’s work: the power that made the body heals the body!
Having been stricken with a severe illness as a child that was unable to be identified or treated by traditional interventions, my mother entrusted my case to physicians who would seek a natural cure. With no formal diagnosis or treatment for a specific disease, these professionals sought instead to identify what was stopping my body from healing on its own, remove that interference, and support me back to full health. Within a very short time under their care I was completely well, and the medical physicians were baffled.

Many years later the mystery surrounding my miraculous recovery was given a face. I was in college and suffering from chronic pain that seemed to touch every area of my life and was causing significant emotional distress. I ended up under the care of upper cervical chiropractic and was surprised that the doctors never twisted, cracked, or popped my spine while they realigned my whole structure upright, and I could not believe how gentle it was. The ‘wow factor’ came in full effect for me when I found that after a very short time I was completely pain free! It was then that the doctor explained to me that my healing had come from restoring my body’s innate potential to heal itself by removing interference, specifically, in realigning my spine so the nervous system could properly control the functions of my body, and once this was the case, my body had no more use for the pain. Having seen the power of this philosophy and the care that embodied it, I knew that this was the work I would devote my life to; bringing hope to a sick and suffering world.